Causes for Appendicitis

Important Points About Appendicitis ::

  • Appendicitis is the reason for causing of swelling wounds in the stomach either on right side of the stomach or on left side.
  • The main reason for causing of Appendicitis is with viral infection.
  • Appendix is the formation of swelled and extension for the big nerve present in the stomach.
  • If this is the cause, then only the patient will turn in to very painful situation of his stomach.
  • If this happens then, only the way to get out of this problem is to commit for respective operation.
  • But, this is the case of situation which is not certifying any perfect reasons for causing this appendicitis.
  • Recently one scientific organisation has estimated that, this appendix is caused due to some virus like flu.
  • Also it has declared that there is no need for doing any operation very immediately when it occurs.
  • The international scientific team had found that this appendix is causing heavily in winter seasons.
  • On this basis the they had declared that this may be the virus that is related to flu concept.
  • On this basis of investigation the American team had taken the patients suffering from Appendicitis,Influonja,Gastrick viral infection for their Findings.
  • With their information it is found that in the years 1977,1981,1984,1987,1994,1998 appendicitis has been increased in high levels.
  • And also this is occured in the same winter season too.
  • On this basis the doctors has declared that there is arelation between this appendicitis and viral infections.
  • This specialization is done by "Edvard Livingston" who is a specialist in "Texas Visvavidyalayam".
  • He also done his investigation on the people living at fishyards, and on the children who had done operations.
  • By this he finally concluded that there is no problem with leaving the patients suffering from appendicitis without any operation.
  • And it will be cured with itself without any enlargment.
  • Thats why it is better to consult the doctor immediately when it is found.

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