Points to Know About Obesity Control::

01.Since from the school age, the students are to be trained to do various exercises that eradicates the obesity.
02.This testing on this Obesity caring is mainly performed in Germany scientists.

03.This will tells us that the persons that do exercises on every day rather than alternative or some week days may have 2.6% of less fat than normal.

04.On one specialization there proved a point given by "The Body Mass Index" will be reduced in very vast manner if we do the exercises daily.

05.This clears about that Daily Exercises will reduce the most dangerous diseases that may be occur or come in future.

06.But this type of small exercises may not reduce or eradicate the most dangerous diseases like heart attacks etc.

07.This results of exercises may show the good result while a particular person is not doing any work,and when change in the food timings.

08.But keep on doing exercise since from childhood may result it as a daily activity.

09.If in any case it want to be stop, it may not result in its case of re-doing them.

10.Thus it is very important to make the children to do exercises from their childhood itself.

Problems With Obesity::

01.There will be many problems that will arise with this obesity.

02.the main problem will raise on breathing. They can't able to breath freely like a normal persons.

03.It is said that,the persons that are having the body mass index more than or equals to 30 will become more difficult to reduce their obesity.

04'Even though we use the as-ma control test ,the result will be less than 20 %.

05.The obesity cases are getting increasing in a very quickly.

06.So,to obstacle this obesity we need to take the most important Suggestions from the doctors.

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